Sunday, May 31, 2009

Missed me??

Lolzz.. That's what I think my poor blog did. As i mentioned in my earlier post I'm too.. lazy to keep updating my blog! Anyways sorry blog, u'l not miss me now on!! :P(cant assure you firmly) Its been 4 months, if i'm not wrong since i last posted. Not that i was only lazing, but had a so called heavy dose of exams and all that silly stuff. Dont knw why so much stress on all the academics? People dont know that , "aakhir padai se bhi kabhi kisi ka bhala hua hai?" Used to be so exhausted, i guess had my dinner and dozing off were more than enough, leave alone the blog. It was more like dragging yourself to college, attend lectures(damn this attendance), travel back, then loitter around till you feel sleepy and then back to college. (Sigh!) Moreso did not have much to write about. Things that were happening around could not be written down ;)

Last month, was kind of stressing. Btw, it'd be wrong of me to say that i worked hard, but STILL!! Exams, exams and more exams. I mean, why cant these people judge us on something better?? for instance creativity, innovativeness etc. But then, I am least hopeful that things would change.

So now that my vacations have started, plan to do a lot of....Nothing (hehehe). Have a few things in mind, lets see if they work out well. My folks are like "Give up your laidback habbits!!". In response I usually quote a good friend of mine, "22 years se nai badle, toh ab kya badlenge". So true.... I hope to finish off some pending books, that I left in the middle.

Bohot ho gaya, nothing else on my mind at the moment!!

Will try to posting regularly... :D

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ruin-ing the Language

Finally!! I managed this write-up, as this post comes after a very long gap. Probably, just because Im too lazy to type. I wish i had some kinda memory-mapping device that would map my thoughts to the PC... ;) (too bad dont have such a gadget) .

Anyhow coming back to the point, a recent scrap on one of my social-networking profiles left me kind-of perplexed. It said "Congos babes!!". Huh?
I was like where does this one comes from. Why cant one type the word Congratulations instead? It just steals away the meaning of the word and the feelings associated with it. Is it that difficult to use such a beautiful language in a proper manner? Over the years, the quality of The English Language has been degrading. And we cant blame the Americans alone for fucking the language... :x
There was a time when I desperately wanted to pursue English as a subject in my graduation. But, but, but... landed myself in computers. Had i not cleared the enterance i would surely had taken up English!! (Hard luck)

Tutorials becomes Tutes
Laptop becomes Lappy
and how can i forget the most recent one CONGOS!!

Is it the shortage of time or an attempt to sound cool? This one is still unanswered...
How cool is it to rape a word off its meaning.. I wonder how wil our forthcoming generations speak English.. I guess only the initials will be used for a particular word.

I admit, that i myself use quiet a lot of abbreviations.. SUP, BTW, LOL... :X to name a few. Trust me Im trying hard to give it up..(and it is quiet tough).
This blog is an intentional effort to do so(no abbreviations used in the entire post ) ;)

So I request to keep the coolnes within you and stop Ruining what is not meant to be ruined :)